TXTchat is for users over the age of 16 years only

How to TXTchat

  • Choose a nickname that's short and easy for others to remember, and send the command N <nickname> to register with TXTchat (eg N QTPIE)
  • Get a list of the different chat rooms you can join by sending the command RM. We've listed the current rooms below.
  • Join a chat room that takes your fancy by sending the command J <name of the chat room> (eg J HOOKUP) You'll then receive a list of who's in that room.
  • Start chatting by sending the TALK command T nickname of the person you want to chat with> eg T SPIKE
  • There's just one easy number to remember: send all your messages to 220, leaving space between the command and your message

What does it cost?

Just like TXT, it's 20 cents including GST for each message you send – and it's free to receive.

How do I stop it

If you want to take a break from chatting, use the SLEEP command. This will mean you won't receive any messages and others will receive a message saying you're 'sleeping'.

You can personalise this message like this: S Hi, I'm taking a break for a while. I'll chat with you again later.

When you fancy chatting again simply use the RETURN command, like this: R, and you'll be back in business to receive messages from others within TXTchat.

How do I leave TXTchat completely?

To leave TXTchat completely simply send the END command, like this: E to 220.

This will remove all your details from TXTchat so remember that if you want to re-enter a chatroom, you'll need to start again by choosing a new nickname.

Handy hints:

TXTchat Safety

  • TXTchat is for over 16s Only. If we believe you are not over 16 we will block your access
  • Protect your privacy – NEVER give out personal details such as your last name, phone number, address, email or any other types of identifying information.
  • NEVER, under any circumstances, agree to meet someone in real life that you have met online. TXTchat is not responsible, nor shall be held liable for any consequences, should any person, or any member of TXTchat , who shall use the services provided by TXTchat , choose to meet person to person, outside of the TXTchat  mobile text chat community environment.
  • Chat is not Private and may be filtered and monitored.
  • You use chat rooms at your own risk and are solely responsible for your actions. 
  • If you post content, which is in breach of our safety policy e.g. giving out personal information, you will be warned, or the content may be blocked, or removed and you may be blocked from access to the service.
  • People may lie about their identity. Be careful of interactions with strangers. Do not engage in any conversations or activities that make you uncomfortable. Trust your instincts.
  • All content and communication within TXTchat  is considerd private and confidential. No content or communication from TXTchat  may be distributed in any way, shape or form.

TXTchat Commands
 Short Command
 What it does
 To register the user, and create the "nickname" 
 N Spike
 Sends a message to others
 T Daisy Want to chat?
 Supplies a list of chat rooms available
 To see a description of what a chat room is about
 WH Tuned
 Lets you join a room. You can join more than 1 room but each must be done individually
 J Tuned
 Lists who else is in a room
 L Tuned
 To change your nickname
 NEW Mickey
 To see your own nickname in case you forget
 Supplies a list of all the different commands
 To set your age
 AGE 25
 To set your sex
 SEX Female
 To set your location
 LOC Auckland
 To see the ASL (age, sex & location) of another chatter
 ASL Spike
 To ignore another chatter
 IG Mickey
 To stop ignoring other chatter's
 UG Mickey
 To list all the chatter's you're ignoring
 Lets you check on other chatters say about themselves
 W Spike
 Leaves you in TXTchat but not active
To reverse the sleep command
1. If you've forgotten which rooms you belong to or
2. if you want to find the rooms someone else belongs to
1. F
2. F Daisy
To leave a chat room
Q Tuned
 To leave the chat system completely.